Ancient beyond imagination, the Lion Path was the path of Egyptian kings and their families. They believed that within them was a potential"that from it would spring the refulgent and glorious envelope in which the Spirit-Soul (Ka) would take it's abode".

The 42 books of Thoth, of which only fragments remain, contain formulae for restoring the Vital Force and triggering a metamorphic process within the cells of the physical body. This would allow the Ka, or Spirit-Soul to form an "immortal body of light", not subject to the limitations of the 3 dimensional physical world.

This power was brought forth from the womb of the Divine Mother Isis, they believed, and emanated from her star, the brightest star in the sky, Sirius.

Certain plants contained substances that captured the radiant energy of Sirius just as chlorophyll captured the energy of the Sun. Tuned like crystals, these molecules transmitted the knowledge and awareness of the "Sirian Ray" to the recipient. In coffin text 316 we read: "I have become as she-who-triumphs, Lady of Glorious Appearings... she whose secret power is great has raised me to Divinity".

No precise identification for these plants remain. Called "Hu" or "Tchefit" by the Egyptian Priest, the substance was an extract from some shrub or shrubs native to "the Divine Lands", a region now identified as the region between the Nile and the Red sea.

From the descriptions of the state induced by these "Star Medicines", modern pharmacology would identify analogs of the phenylethylamine (PEA) molecule as the most likely candidate.

Providing the base molecule for such psycho-active compounds as mescaline, PEA is also produced naturally in the body from the amino-acid phenylalanine when stimulated by strong positive emotions such as love or high achievement, and is considered to be one of the main "reward" neurotransmitters of the body. Recent research has discovered that small,almost homeopathic doses of the herb Cannabis Sativa elevate PEA levels in the brain by nearly 400%, larger quantities however, inhibit it's production.

It is also produced by the breakdown of tissue during the fasting process and when the body is critically ill. PEA may be responsible for triggering the visions that many people experience at these times.

Also of interest is the plant steroid ecdysterone, a growth stimulator and plant analog for the compound responsible for transforming caterpillars into butterflies. Ecdysterone has also been found to be strongly anabolic (growth enhancing) in humans. Just as Monarch butterflies require certain plants to provide the catalyst for their metamorphosis, the "Book of Thoth" described plants that initiated a process of metamorphosis or "superbiology" for the advancement of the human Spirit-Soul, the Ka, into it's higher dimensional form.

Combinations of ecdysterone and phenylethylamine derivatives would appear to be the likeliest choice for initiating a process of growth and transformation in humans.

The theory that star light can effect change in DNA structures is unproven by modern science. Though obvious to every farmer, the theory that sunlight effected growth in plants was also unproven until instruments capable of detecting photons were developed.

Research into this Ancient Egyptian Discipline continues.....


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