Research over the last decade has demonstrated the nutritional value and incredible healing potential of plant, or phyto, chemicals. These organic molecules, the product of millions of years of evolution, have a natural affinity with the molecules of our bodies and provide superior assimilation and utilization over synthetic chemical nutrients.

New technology in the extraction of phytochemicals has now developed Standardized Extracts, generally water soluble powders, containing a guaranteed percentage of the active ingredient in the plant.

These standardized extracts have revolutionized herbal healthcare. Previously, the potency of any given plant material could never be guaranteed due to variations from one batch to the next. Now, specific phytochemicals contained in herbs with proven health benefits can be extracted and delivered in exact quantities, assuring dependable results.

Vital Force is pleased to offer these gifts of Nature. We are committed to providing the highest quality supplements at the fairest possible price.

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